Dr. Howard J. Kurland has been a practicing dentist for over 25 years. After receiving his DDS degree from New York University College of Dentistry in 1983, Dr Kurland completed a comprehensive 2 year training course in implant surgery. Well known in his community for being an expert in the field of dentistry, Dr Kurland has been a featured guest on radio offering his ideas and advice.

Dr Kurland emphasizes prevention of dental disease and believes in conservative treatment plans that maintain as much as the natural dentition as possible. He has always been enthusiastic about incorporating the latest dental technology in his practice thus ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced dental care. Dr. Kurland strongly believes that dental treatment need not be an anxiety provoking experience. He has developed a model of delivering dental care that has proven to be extremely successful in satisfying and, most often, exceeding patient expectations. "There are many factors that impact on the success of treating dental patients", says Dr. Kurland. "First and foremost is the knowledge, skill, and temperment of the treating doctor. The doctor must be proactive in staying abreast with new techniques and products so that patients are benefitting from the latest modes of treatment. The doctor must also be a warm and calming presence which goes a long way in soothing patient anxieties. But other factors are almost equally important. The physical facility should be one that is modern and extremely clean. The office should utilize available technology that make the patient as comfortable as possible during treatment. Even selecting the right dental chair could make a huge difference! Noise reducing headphones and patient entertainment monitors are luxuries that demonstrate that patients are being treated like VIP's - because they are! Doctors must be available during off hours to handle emergencies that may arise. The supporting staff should be friendly and available to answer any questions that patients may have. Having incorporated the above in my practice, I have found that many of my patients actually ENJOY coming for dental treatment at our office!!"