Dr. Michael Lazaros graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1982 and has been practicing in Brooklyn since that time.

In addition to his dental practice, Dr. Lazaros provides advanced training for dentists. In the spring of 2003 he offered his first state approved continuing education course which was attended by 80 New York dentists. He is also a frequent guest lecturer for the dental residents of Maimonides Hospital.

Dr. Lazaros has served as a product tester for Premier Dental products, Parkell Corp. and Light-Tech Industries and has published articles in Parkell Today, Endodontic Therapy, and Dentistry Today.

“Dentistry is about a passion for precision more than a passion for teeth,” says Dr. Lazaros. To achieve his required level of precision he performs all dental procedures wearing surgical telescopes, those strange-looking glasses you can’t help but notice.

Dr. Lazaros prefers to call fillings and crowns "restorations" because in his view the role of the dentist is to carefully restore the tiny but significant damages caused by dental decay.

Acknowledging that, for most of us, the dental chair is not our favorite place to be, Dr. Lazaros' mission is to correct dental problems with the simplest and most conservative solutions.

Dr. Lazaros takes pride in being the “world’s most accessible health-care professional." He offers every patient his pager number, and questions are always welcome.

When he is not busy improving someone’s smile, Dr. Lazaros enjoys basketball, chess, and photography. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Donna and their three children-Adam, Rebecca, and Jacob.