Dear Dr. Kurland,

I just had to had to call you and say what a great job you did on my father. He looks great!!
Mrs. G.

In my search for a highly skilled reliable dentist I was recommended to Dr. Kurland, and heard excellent reports from his patients. My experience with him proved to be likewise. The professional yet relaxed office atmosphere, together with Dr. Kurland's wonderful personality, make a great combination. The work was performed with excellent results. As a satisfied patient of Dr. Kurland, I would highly recommend him for all your dental needs.
Thank you!
Ida R.

Dr. Kurland is a wonderful man! No matter how many times I come into his office, he helps me with a smile and never gets nervous. I am so satisfied with all the work he's done!
Mrs. K.

I would need more than a few pages to write about my experience at Dr. Kurland's office. I am proud to say that my family and I are one of Dr. Kurland's first patients. I have 8 children and Dr. Kurland takes care of all of us. Unfortunately, due to family genetics, some of us have very weak teeth and gums. I myself have had gum surgery, root canals, bridges and now mini implants done by Dr. Kurland. I would never think of trying anywhere else. My office provides us with dental insurance, but only by using their in network doctors. I would never consider changing and due to Dr. Kurland's care, I am still left with some of my own teeth. As busy as the office is, if you are in pain, you are never turned away. There is never any pressure in making payments. Dr. Kurland knows all of his patients personally and is always very understanding. I am mentioning Dr Kurland but I have experienced all the other doctors, and all to Dr. Kurland's credit, he made sure to get very experienced doctors. I also have to mention Dr. Sadowsky, whom some of my children only wanted to be seen by. Last but not least all of his assistants are very professional and courteous. Oh, and the new waiting area chairs are wonderful!

Raizy P.

I would like to express my sincere  appreciation to a wonderful dentist and staff. I've been to at least 10 other dental offices in my life but when I met Dr. Kurland, I realized what I missed. The warm comfortable atmosphere, great service, and wonderful staff was a real pleasure! Thank you for answering all my questions at all times.

Pearl L.